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Our alloy wheel refurbishment systems cater for all needs. From a small box oven and water wash booth suitable for the small operator who wants to do 12 – 16 wheels per day to the online conveyorised curing oven systems that have capabilities of processing up to 300 wheels per day. These systems can be designed with additional ovens and booths to enable a workflow with minimal manual handling or changing conveyor speeds.  We can help you judge what system will suit your needs best.

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Paint Stripping System and Associated Powder Coating Systems 

It is important to consider the chemicals and how they react, including any potential health hazards, before you decide this option. Dip Tank Chemical Stripping come in various sizes and can range for the hot strip from an eight wheel tank up to 16 wheel tank. Anything over these capacities would generally be a combination of tanks.

Tanks include a fully welded stainless steel main tank with a built in oil reservoir tank along both sides of the main stripping section. These are heated with low wattage electric elements that in turn provide the heat transfer from the oil reservoir into the stripping section.

To the far end of the system there is a stainless steel wash bay that enables the operator to wash down the alloy wheels prior to moving onto the next stage of preparation.

Provided with the wash bay is a Weir tank system that accepts the wash down fluids to be collected into the attached fluid level pump compartment prior to being dispensed into a suitable foul drain system on the site (customers are responsible for the waste once it leaves the pump compartment.)

Cleaning of the chemicals on a regular basis is most important if you want to achieve the longest possible efficiency of the material. We supply a filter system specifically designed for our tanks and we offer a variation of tanks manufactured to your requirements in size and materials.

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